How to consult the keys for API integration?
  • 21 Jun 2023
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How to consult the keys for API integration?

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Article Summary

API connection keys are a means of authentication to protect the security and privacy of data handled through an API. This ensures that only authorized users or applications can access API resources and perform allowed actions.

To check your login credentials again, you need to access the Zenkipay portal. Go to the Zenkipay menu located in Configuration > Summary integration. You can then go to the integration technology settings section and click the Show configuration button.

The integration configuration screen is displayed.

Available modes

There are two configuration modes available:

  • Production: Selecting the Production mode will obtain the credentials provided to you for your production environment.
  • Testing: By selecting this option, you will be able to obtain the credentials that were provided to you during the integration and continue to make test purchases with them.

Production Mode

To obtain the connection credentials in production mode by API select the Production option. Next, a screen will be displayed displaying the credential information.

Test Mode

Similarly, if you want to get the connection credentials in test mode through the API, simply choose the Tests option. A screen will be displayed that will show the information of the credentials you need.

  • It is important to correctly distinguish between test keys and productive keys.
  • Never share your keys with third parties or copy them to public storage media.
If you need more information, accede a la guía de integración con API.

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