• 16 Nov 2022
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What is Zenkipay? How does it work?

Zenkipay is a cryptocurrency payment gateway, it allows businesses to receive payments on their e-commerce portals. Unlike other platforms, Zenkipay ensures customer satisfaction through its escrow process (delivered product and expected quality) to settle the payment to the merchant, thus avoiding the loss of customer assets due to online scams.

How does it benefit me to be paid with cryptocurrencies?

Pay From Anywhere: Cryptocurrency lets you make or receive payment anywhere you have a connection to the internet. Available to Everyone: Many people do not have access to financial services like banks and loans. However, most have internet connections through mobile devices, this allows everyone to make and receive payments or access financial services wherever they are. Low Fees: For cryptocurrency, the fees associated are a lot less than those associated with debit and credit cards. No Charge-Backs: Customers will often buy a product, sometimes use it, then cancel the payment. With fiat currencies, charge-backs are possible. With cryptocurrencies, this is not possible. All payments recorded to the blockchain are final and can’t be tampered with. If a customer wants to get his or her money back, they have to talk directly with the vendor. This gives the business owner better control of the product returns that occur within his or her business. This prevents customers from getting their money back after having damaged or lost the product.

How can I integrate this payment method to my store?

Zenkipay offers you the possibility of integrating the payment method through different plugins for the main e-commerce platforms or, alternatively, through a script that you can easily embed in your website. For more information, visit our technical documentation here.

How do I pick what coins to accept?

Zenkipay allows you to receive payments with a wide range of cryptocurrencies, for your convenience we offer you 2 configuration modes: Basic Mode: This modality provides you with a pre-selected set of the main cryptocurrencies in the market, exchanging them automatically for you to a stable currency. Advanced Mode: This modality allows you to select the cryptocurrencies that you want to accept and if you want to keep them in the currency of origin or that they be exchanged for you to a stable currency automatically.

What cryptocurrencies do you accept?

Zenkipay allows you to receive more than 70 of the main cryptocurrencies in the market, you can consult the complete list following the following link.

What is a stablecoin?

A stablecoin is one type of cryptocurrency that is designed to maintain a fixed value over time. The value of a stablecoin is typically pegged to a specific real currency, often the U.S. dollar. These types of coins are designed to reduce the volatility of unbacked cryptocurrencies.

What is USDC?

USDC is a digital dollar, known as a fully-reserved stablecoin, every digital dollar of USDC on the internet is 100% backed by cash and short-dated U.S. treasuries, so that it’s always redeemable 1:1 for U.S. dollars. USDC reserves are held in the custody and management of leading U.S. financial institutions. For more information visit: USDC coin

How can I convert my cryptocurrency payments to FIAT money?

If you wish, you can send your cryptocurrencies to your preferred exchange account to be able to exchange them for other currencies and send them to your bank.

What are the fees for using Zenkipay?

Zenkipay will not charge you any transaction fees! You can offer a direct discount to share the crypto love with your shoppers. This discount goes directly to your shopper to incentivize the use of cryptos. We will NOT charge any transaction fee to you!



Where can I see the status of my payment and my purchase?

After making your payment, you can check the status of it and your order on our shoppers portal, using the email address you provided when making your payment.

What can I do if I still haven’t received an email confirmation of my payment?

First of all, don’t panic! the speed with which your payment is processed depends on many factors such as the blockchain used, the gas paid to the network, etc. You can check the status of your payment and your order on our shoppers portal, using the email address you provided when making your payment. If you still have problems with your payment or your order, contact us via email following this link.

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