How to consult sales and download them?
  • 20 Jun 2023
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How to consult sales and download them?

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Article Summary

Consult sales

  1. Once you log in, a dashboard will be displayed with certain indicators, of which one of them is the total transactions, we must click on it to enter its detail.
  2. You can check your sales made in the Orders menu where the list of all the transactions of your business will be displayed.

Apply filters

You can perform specific searches by selecting the Show filters option, a menu will be displayed with the following options where you can select one or more filters and click on the Apply button:


  • Order ID generated by Zenkipay
  • Channel
  • TPV alias
  • Shopper email
  • Date: The date the transaction was started can be one of the defined ranges or a custom range.
  • Status: Transaction status
  • Crypto: Cryptocurrency in which the transaction was made
  • Settle currency

Download Transactions

It is possible to download to an Excel file the list of the transactions of your business. To do this you have to click on the Export to Excel button.

This will download the list of transactions in xls format. With the fields: Date, order, currency, amount and status.

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