How to request the resolution of an orphan payment?
  • 10 Feb 2023
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How to request the resolution of an orphan payment?

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Orphan payment

It's a payment that was made in Zenkipay, but the amount paid does not match the amount of the generated order, so you have to ask the Zenkipay staff for help to solve it.

Identify an orphan payment

Once you have made your payment through Zenkipay and after 30 minutes you receive an email indicating that the payment QR code has expired, it means that your payment does not match any order generated in Zenkipay, and this is the indicator to start with a request for resolution of an orphan payment.

Orphan payment resolution

Follow the steps below to request the resolution:

1. Go to Zenkipay's shopper portal ( and enter the email with which you made your payment.

2. You will be sent an access code to enter the portal.

3. Enter the code that was sent by mail in the new form.

4. Locate the purchase you made, it will have the status "Pending for payment". You can also rely on the available filters.

5. Click the "Resolve issue" button to begin the resolution process.

6. Capture the requested information, this information can be consulted from the detail of the transaction in your wallet. Once the purchase information has been entered, click the "Verify" button.

  • Origin wallet.- Address of the wallet where the funds came from.
  • Target wallet.- Destination address of the funds.
  • Transaction hash.- Unique identifier of the transaction in the blockchain.

Taking as an example a payment made from MetaMask with ETH, the information requested can be obtained from the transaction detail and clicking on "View in Etherscan".

Once you've into Etherscan, you'll be able to get the information you need to begin the resolution of the orphan payment.

NOTE: Depending on the wallet and the payment currency, this could differ a bit.

7. Information regarding the transaction will be displayed and the amount difference will be indicated in red. Click on the "I need help" button.

8. Once help is requested, a notification will be displayed and you will have to wait for a response from the staff.

9. Follow up on your case from the detail of the transaction.

10. Zenki staff will indicate the steps to follow to resolve your case.

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