How to activate and create a payment link?
  • 20 Jun 2023
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How to activate and create a payment link?

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The payment links can be used for one-time-only or you can use it several times, where the client chooses the amount to pay or the link already includes the amount.

To activate the payment links you must go to Dashboard > Payment links, where a screen will be displayed with the description and characteristics of this functionality, to enable it you must click on the "Activate and generate link" button.

To create a payment link you must go to Principal > Payment links and click on the "Create new link" button, which will redirect you to a new screen where you can start configuring it.

Step 1: Setting

  • Alias.- Name of the link for internal use and its identification.
  • Payment link type
    • Single use only.- As its name indicates, after the link has been paid, it cannot be used any more.
    • You can use it several times.- The link can be used more than once.
  • Amount type
    • My client chooses the amount (coming soon)
    • The link already includes the amount.- The merchant defines the total to pay.
  • Advanced settings
    • Payment period.- Optional configuration. It is used to define if the payment link will only be available during a certain period of time, that is, a start date and an end date, establishing the time zone.


Step 2: Order data

  • Currency.- Base FIAT currency of the payment link.
  • Order type.- It is used to define the form of delivery of the products/services charged in the payment link.
  • Product
    • Identifier.- Internal identifier of the product being charged (eg SKU, etc.).
    • Quantity.- Quantity of products being charged
    • Unit price.- Unit price of the product being charged
    • Name.- Name of the product being charged
    • Description.- Optional. Short description of the product being charged
    • Image.- Optional. Image of the product being charged.
  • Payment detail.- Optional. It is used to add costs and/or taxes to the products of the payment link.
  • Additional charge.- Optional. It is used to add additional costs to the final amount of the payment link.


Once this information is completed, click on the "Generate link" button.

Step 3: Share

The payment link is ready to be shared and start charging. You can download the QR code as an image directly to your computer, send it by mail or share the payment link through any of the available social networks.


Now you can click on the "Finish" button to return to the list of payment links.

This is how a payment link is displayed.


To view the payment links that you have generated, you must enter Dashboard > Payment links. From this screen you can see the list of payment links generated and filter them based on your needs, you can also deactivate/activate them with a single click or share them again.


To view the detail of a payment link you must click on it, from the list of payment links. Then a new screen with its details will be displayed.

To view the transactions (payments) related to a link, it is necessary to enter its details (as described in the previous point) and in the Associated orders section click on the "Show payments" button.


If the payment link has transactions, they will be listed below.

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