• 10 Feb 2023
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What is Zenkipay?

Zenkipay is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that allows merchants to receive payments on their e-commerce portals. Unlike other platforms, Zenkipay ensures customer satisfaction through its escrow process (product delivered and expected quality) to settle payment to the merchant, thus avoiding the loss of customer assets due to online scams.

How does it work?

Zenkipay is an alternative payment method, like any other current payment processor, with the difference that when receiving payments in cryptocurrencies, these payments are transformed into stable currencies, if the merchant so wishes. Zenki pay does this on behalf of merchants who have opened accounts with Zenkipay.

In general, when a Buyer makes a purchase and pays in cryptocurrencies, Zenki pay receives the cryptocurrency and if the Merchant configures to convert them to stable currencies, Zenkipay converts them, if not, the Merchant receives the amount in the cryptocurrency with which the Buyer paid, according to the market value of the cryptocurrency at that time. Then, once the Digital Contract has been completed, the value of the sale is transferred to the Zenkipay Commerce account. From there, the stablecoin or crypto currency can be transferred to an external cryptocurrency address owned by the Merchant (Wallet).

Zenkipay ensures that all Merchants can offer cryptocurrency payment options to their customers, without having to deal with blockchains or cryptocurrencies.

How can I start receiving payments with Cryptocurrencies?

It's very easy, simply create an account in Zenkipay here and start the integration of your site; Depending on your ecommerce site's technology, we'll recommend the best approach to integration. In addition, you can opt for another type of integration supported by us.

How do I integrate my business with Zenkipay?

Please consult our guides:

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